Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Hello, my dear friend! Welcome to my new blog ^__^

I've open this blog several weeks ago, but didn't posted here anything :-( I have a blog at Livejournal (at russian), but I'd love to have a blog about my teddys at English too ^__^
I wanted to start with something new and now I'd like to show you my bunny Mikki. I love him so much!
He is 16 cm tall, was sewn from handpainted german bio-cotton mohair.
And he is looking for a new home!  Found a new home, tahnk you! ^__^

He is smiling :-)) Awwwww! ^__^

And standing! :-))

230 Euro (free shipping worldwide)
(239.70 Euro if you pay with PayPal)

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