Tuesday 10 July 2012


Hi, dear! I'm very proud to introduce you my newest OOAK teddy-doll Ohana today. She is sewn from German hand-dyed viscose, her face was sculpted (LaDoll) and painted completely by myself. Ohana is 28 cm tall, she is fully cotter-pin jointed, has wobble-head. She doesn't stand because of loose joints, but it makes her more posable and it's very pleasant to hold her in the hands. I filled her with polyfill and steel shot for stability and nice weight. Ohana is wearing a collar from two kind of lace with silk ribbons and a small handmade flower.

Ohana by Anna Tide#20

Monday 28 May 2012

Hi everyone! :-)
My elephants are a little bit rare, but sometimes I make them too ^__^
Here is my newest small mammoth Hasel. He (or she) was made from German cotton mohair, is fully jointed (head double-jointed, other joints are loose for a nice "live" feeling in the hands). Hasel is 20 cm tall, has black glass eyes with eyelashes and a cute mammoth-teeth ^__^ He wears a silk ribbon with a small key around his neck.

Hasel by Anna Tide 10

Saturday 7 January 2012


Hi, dear! :-) How are you?

That's very difficult for me to work with one more blog... perhaps because of language ^__^ And I'm very sorry about it!
I'd like to show you one of my latest pictures with my BJD doll Ellen and my rabbit Cecille. Just for fun ^__^

Hope, you have a nice holidays and a happy new year!



Thursday 27 October 2011


Please, meet my new mini-bear Loren! ^__^

She is 9,5 cm tall and was sewn from smokey long pile. Her tails are from the softest mohair.
She has black glass eyes, her dress can be removed.

Tuesday 4 October 2011


Hi again ^__^

Please, meet Bonnie! She is 23 cm tall and was sewn from two kind of Shulte mohair and cotton for her hat.
Bonnie is a bear in a rabbit-costume ^__^ It cannot be removed, besides her hat :-)
She has black glass eyes with eyelashes.

Friday 23 September 2011


Please, meet my new bear Lulu :-)
She is 17,5 cm tall, was sewn from Shulte silk mohair. She is fully double-jointed, has black german eyes with eyelashes and beautyfull lace dress :-)
Found a new home

Monday 29 August 2011


Please, meet Dariush!
He is 18 cm (7 inch) OOAK artist teddy kitten.
I made him from hand painted Shulte silk mohair. I used cotton fabric for his ears, paws and costume and the silk ribbons for the decoration. He is fully 5-way double-jointed, has hand painted gold German glass eyes.

Tuesday 16 August 2011


Please, meet Serseya!
She is 25 cm (9,8 inch) OOAK artist teddy bear. She is a little child, which has a cat-costume.
I made her from Shulte viscose and felt for her ears and paws. I used mohair and cotton fabric for her dress with the hood, it is decorated with silk ribbons, lace and natural pearls. She is fully 5-way jointed, has double-jointed neck and handpainted glass eyes with eyelashes, her tail can band.
The dress cannot be removed, but the hood with cat ears can be put down.

Tuesday 26 July 2011


Destiny is 24 cm (9,4 inch) OOAK artist teddy bear. She wears a siam-cat mask :-)
I made her from Shulte mohair. Her mask was made special for Destiny, it is decorated with 2 kind of ribbons and Swarovsky cryslalls like her beautyfull bow. She is fully 5-way jointed, has double-jointed neck and handpainted glass eyes.
The mask kann be removed.
Destiny found a new home, thank you! :-)

Thursday 14 July 2011


I just wanted to remind, that today opens the "Bear on Parade" show!

The SHOW begins today, on July 15th at 4pm New York time and ends July 17th at 4pm New York time here. You can see the open time for your country here.
In the show'll take part 6 of my teddys and each of them can be adopted!

You are welcome!

Monday 11 July 2011


Hello! Please, meet my new elly Milicenta! She is 23 cm tall, was made from Schulte viscose, hat hand painted glass eyes with eyelashes.
She is looking for a new home!

Saturday 9 July 2011

URSA Awards

Hello, dear friends! I'm glad to tell you, that we take part in URSA Awards this year :-) So, I'll be very hapy, if you'll find time to vote for us!

The first category is Animal Kingdom. My first candidate is the little elephant Milicenta

If you'd like to vote for her, just click here, mark 14.10 Milicent - Anna Tide - Tide Bears and push "vote" :-)

The second category is Furry Pals with one of my favourite bunny Laly

f you'd like to vote for her, just click here, mark 15.7 Layl - Anna Tide - Tide Bears, and push "vote" :-)

Thank you and have a great day! :-)

Thursday 30 June 2011

Cat-prade by Anna Tide

Hello, my dear friend!

I'm very happy to let you know, that my bears and me take part at Teddiesworldwide online-show!
The theme is "Bear on parade", and my special them is "Cat-parade" because of my great cat-love :-)

The Online Show coming July 15th! "Bears on Parade" will feature 75 artists from 12 countries
offering bears of all styles, sizes and colors to fit all budgets!

Preview starts July 1, 2011 at 4pm new York time.

My first bear for the show is Serseya. You'll see her at 1. July, but I'd like to show you some piece of her, just to make you sure: it will be great!

Tuesday 7 June 2011


Today I have a great news! I've made my first dog and this is a dachshund! I'm so happy, this is my favorite breed of dogs :-)
Please meet Dina! She is about 22 cm tall if she is standing (with my assistance) at her hind legs :-)
She was sewn from german silk mohair, has black glass eyes.

Tuesday 31 May 2011


Hello, my dear friend! Welcome to my new blog ^__^

I've open this blog several weeks ago, but didn't posted here anything :-( I have a blog at Livejournal (at russian), but I'd love to have a blog about my teddys at English too ^__^
I wanted to start with something new and now I'd like to show you my bunny Mikki. I love him so much!
He is 16 cm tall, was sewn from handpainted german bio-cotton mohair.
And he is looking for a new home!  Found a new home, tahnk you! ^__^